Our Services

Working within defined policies, procedures and protocols; Healthcare Security Group are a strategic asset responsible for providing professional, qualified, experienced and enthusiastic Healthcare Security Officers.

Our capable team of Healthcare Security Officer’s

have considerable experience within a healthcare

precinct environment and can cover;


Perimeter integrity

Controlling points of access via physical and visual presence, foot patrols and electronic means.



Building and infrastructure faults and escalating Access Card and Key Control.


Monitoring, investigating and escalating

To appropriate stakeholders, facilities management (FM) and contractor’s critical infrastructure alarms and faults including; Gas alarms, Fridge/freezer alarms, Fire System Alarms, BMS alarms.


Responding to Site Codes

Including Code Blacks from fixed and portable Duress alarms with an average reported response time of 1m 20s within the healthcare precinct.


Responding to Alarms

Including Duress, Help Stair and Door held alarms.


Liaising with QPS, QAS, CYMHS ART

Social Workers and Child Protection Officers in the management of EEA’s, Recommendations, Security Presence and Security Escort.


Acting within

Contractural, Procedural and Legislative guidelines for Patient restraint when required for IM injections, behavioural issues, medical treatment, MH assessment etc.


Liaison with

Child Protection Unit in the management of Child Protection Cases.

Patient Flow Nurse Management in the management of DVO cases pertaining to visitation.

CCTV Control Room

Dedicated Operators 


HLS Co-ordinator for Helipad Rescue Helicopter

Operations and PICU retrievals ensuring a smooth co-ordinated, efficient and seamless end-to-end transfer from Helicopter to ED/PICU or Operating Theatres. When minutes matter and make the difference between positive and negative healthcare outcomes.


Dedicated Control Room Operators

CCTV monitoring and officer dispatch.


Escorting of

Staff, special care patients and deceased patients.


Pro-active response to OH&S issues

Identifying, responding and reporting.


SiPass Access Card systems

New cards, upgrade access requests, bulk uploading for the onboarding of new Interns.


Responsibility for

Patrols of Hospital Grounds and Buildings, Energy Plants, Research Centres & Hospital Foundation Buildings.


Traffic Control

Parking and flow management within the healthcare precinct.


Special Events

G10 Summit, Johnny Depp, Chris Hemsworth, and Baby Asha protest action

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